Who is Angelina Martin?

Angelina Martin’s research and development of technique was done at the University of California Davis while obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Design and a Master of Fine Art in Textile Art & Costume Design.  In addition to acquiring a Master of Humanities in Visual Arts from Tiffin University.  Then teaching at the college level for over a decade in art, design and fashion allowed Angelina to combine this experience and education into a multifaceted creation process of manufacturing textiles, developing surface design illustrations and sewing shape symbolism on the body. Inspiration comes from her Mexican American heritage and culture by translating folklore, environment and fabric production into contemporary vibrant stories on clothing and canvas panel prints. Technological reproduction and digital design are incorporated to manipulate the original cloth illustrations of painted, quilted and embroidered motifs for garment design. Currently, I live in Maricopa, Arizona and create contemporary clothing while analyzing the hidden spiritual meaning that transcends the literal sense of plants, animals and cosmic codependency of imagery seen and imagined. 

What does the Brand Name ANYMYSTIK mean and where does is come from?

A mystik is a spiritual person who seeks enlightenment by experiences in search of supernatural ecstasy, peace, self love and personal fulfillment of prayers. Therefore, with my fashions I want the wearer to be transformed with the imagery, color, shape, texture and layered cloth combinations on the body in an ensemble to create a wondrous image of originality, glamour and confidence. Garment design has incorporated art, history, religion and science symbolism since Paleolithic, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greek, Byzantium, Renaissance and American Agrarian societies. Since the dawn of humans, clothing has represented status, ability and significance of one's cosmic destiny in society and economy. The fabric placed on the body of an individual can help one to have a powerful experience and acquire supernatural knowledge from outside forces signified in the positive magical experience in the cloth. More specifically, a woman can create her own destiny and enhance her identity with a wonderful, bold, picturesque fashion experience.